1st Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Kuffel

Student writers

Vera, Cayden and Kamdyn tell us about an organism project in Mrs. Kuffel's class.

Written by: Vera, Cayden & Kamdyn

In Mrs. Kuffel's science class we are learning about organisms. Organisms live in the wild. They can live in the water or on the land. The place where they live is a called a habitat.  It is a like a home for animals and organisms.  We are going to get some organisms so we had to get their habitat ready. We started off with the Woodland habitat.  Rocks went on the bottom of the clear bin and then we put crumpled up dead leaves on top of the rocks. Next, we put enough dirt to cover the leaves and just a little more on top.  It was about two inches of dirt.  Then, we put moss on top of the dirt.  Moss is like grass, but it is really soft grass.  We planted two tree seedlings in the dirt.  We had to make sure the roots were covered. The second habitat we made was the water habitat, called the Freshwater habitat. First, we filled the bin with fresh water. Next, we put rocks down with a little bit of sand.  Then, we planted two Cabomba plants in the rocks. After that, we put Elodea on the top of the water. It didn't have roots but it had leaves all around. It just floats. All of the students in Mrs. Kuffel's class observed and drew the moss, tree seedling, Elodea and the Cabomba. We were scientists so we used our sense to observe. Here is what we wrote:

Vera: The moss is not a habitat. It is a plant.  The tree seedling is a baby tree. The Elodea is cool because it has like a lot of leaves all around it and it goes at the bottom. The Cabomba is long and can survive just by floating at the top of the water.

Cayden: The moss is brown and green.  The brown is like the dirt and the green is the moss.  The tree seedling is brown and green. The Elodea is weird because it feels weird and slimy. The Cabomba isn't like the Elodea because its leaves are different. They are straight and the Elodea leaves are curvy.

Kamdyn: The moss is soft, wet, and smells like nature.  The tree seedling is spiky, a baby, and is brown and green. The Elodea is brown and green and looks like a tree but it is not a tree. The Cabomba is like grass and feels like grass and moss mixed together. 

Now, we are just waiting for our organisms to arrive at school!



Woodland habitat


Freshwater Habitat


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