1st Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Riebe

Student writers

Paige, Logan and Aubree tell us all about Vowel Town.

Written By: Paige, Logan & Aubree

Do you know about vowels? Here are some examples:  A, E,  I, O U and sometimes Y are vowels.  When the vowels go together they make a vowel team. We used vowel teams in our Vowel Town.  Tree has the EE vowel team.   Another vowel team we used was AI for rainbow.  Clouds have the OU vowel team.  AI is the vowel team in rain.  Pool has the vowel team OO.  Do you get it? See, that wasn't so hard to learn.  

This is how we made a Vowel Town. First, Mrs. Riebe handed out paper with words and pictures of things like houses, pools, airplane, cars, grass, schools, ice cream shops, rainbows, people, clouds, sun, skateboards, street signs, train tracks and classrooms.  Then, she laid out a huge piece of white paper that was as big as a bus! Next, Mrs. Riebe gave us a sheet of paper to draw on.  We drew our picture in pencil and used crayons, markers, or colored pencils to color it. After that, we cut it out and glued it on the big white paper to make our Vowel Town. I (Paige) made a pool, house, and floaties for the pool.  I (Logan) made a blue Jeep and road sign.  I (Aubree) made a school, scooter, teacher and clouds. The whole point of it was to use vowel teams in our words in the Vowel Town.  We took a big class picture and everyone went around the poster.  BOOM!!!!!!! We nailed it!


Class of students


Class of students