1st Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Riebe's Class

Student writers

Max, Dawson, Carly and Jordan explain how Mrs. Riebe's class use Scratch Junior for coding.

Story told by: Max, Dawson, Carly and Jordan

Typed by: Mrs. Gauthier


Scratch Junior

Mrs. Riebe's class is learning to code using Scratch Junior. It is important to know how to code so we can get cool coding jobs when we are older. Scratch Junior is an app on our iPads.  We love using it and you can too!

Here are directions how to use it:

1. You open the app.

Scratch Junior

2. Then, you press the home button.

3. If you do not want the cat to be your character, you can change the cat. You press the character in the top left corner. You hold it and it will give you a red X to press.

Scratch Junior

 4. Then you can press the plus sign to find a new character. You will see all of the character options.

Scratch Junior


5.  If you want to make your own character or customize one you can press the paint brush and draw your own character, color it and name it.  Press the check mark to get out of the character section.

Scratch Junior


6. To get to your background you press the picture of the trees on the top by the ABC's.

Scratch Junior

 7. Then there are lots of options and you pick one. Or, you can draw your own background with the paintbrush. Press the check mark to get out the backgrounds.

Scratch Junior


8. If you click on the ABC on the top of the screen. You can type stuff to label your picture. Press the check mark to get out of the ABC section when you are done.

Scratch Junior

9. Click on the green flag. Now you get to tell your character what to do. There are different puzzle pieces that you need to put together to tell your character what to do.

  • The yellow section gives you the start flag.
  • The blue section give you directions, like move left, right, up, down. You can code how many times to do it. When you press the bottom of it you can change the number of times it does it.
  • The purple section lets you make your character small, medium, and big.
  • The green section lets you add recording for your character or use can use the pop sound.
  • The orange section gives you pieces to repeat a section of code.
  • The red section lets you put a stop to the directions.
Scratch Junior

10. You can play your coding together and see what you made!

11. When you go out of Scratch Junior, it will automatically save your work to your projects.


Good luck with Scratch Junior! We hope you enjoyed the Scratch Junior project. We sure did!