1st Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Westenberger

Student writers

Aubree T. and Aubrey G. tell us about matter and coding in Mrs. Westenberger's classroom.

Written by: Aubree T. and Aubrey G.

We have been learning all about matter and coding in Mrs. Westenberger's class. If you want to learn about coding, keep reading. Matter is all things like solids, liquids and gases.  Solids are things that keep their shape when you shake them or take them out, like a rock.  Liquids are things that take up the shape of their container, like lemonade.  Gases are things like the sun and the clouds and they keep spreading and spreading.  The particles are far apart.  Mrs. Westenberger had a bunch of cards with pictures on them. All of the pictures were either a solid, liquid or gas.  There were different pictures on each card.  Some cards had pictures of things like a puddle, a cloud, or an ice cube. We split up into pairs and worked with our reading and writing partner.  Mrs. Westenberger showed us a card and we had to tell her if it was a solid, liquid or gas.  If we were wrong, she said, "try again." If we were right, we put the card down on the mat on the floor.  The mat had squares all over it and kind of looked like a calendar.  Then, we had to code our Bee Bot robot to get to our card.  The Bee Bot robot was the size of an apple and had a lot of buttons on it. It had a left button, a right button, a forward button, a backward button, a pause button, a clear button, and a go button.  We worked together to pick the right code to get our Bee Bot to our card.  Most kids did not get it on the first try.  We had to stop and start over many times.  It was exciting when we made it to the card! If we finished early, we could pick a new card and start over.  It was so interesting learning about matter and coding for science!


First grade class of students


Students working with Bee Bots