1st Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Westenberger's Class

Student writers

Nora and Kali, students from Mrs. Westenberger's class, explain how the students in their class are following Martin Luther King's dream. 

1st Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Westenberger's Class

Written by: Nora and Kali

Typed by: Mrs. Gauthier

Our class, Mrs. Westenberger's class, learned about Martin Luther King (MLK). We learned that he fought for rights for people and he wanted them to be equal rights. Martin grew up in Atlanta, Georgia with one brother and one sister. It was hard for him to play with friends because a lot of his friends were white people and their parents did not let them play with Martin. He was trying to solve the problem that black people couldn't get the best stuff, like schools and jobs. There were different schools for black people and white people and sometimes they could go to school together but white people had better things. Martin wanted this to change.

When he grew up he had a lot of speeches in front of big groups of people. He had a really special speech called the "I Have a Dream" speech to make black and white people have equal rights. He was working to help people. He was trying to make stuff right. Martin was a leader and some people followed his dream that people should be friends with everyone. He did not just talk, he also listened when people wanted to share their stories.

Sadly, not everybody believed him or liked him. When he was 39, he was shot and died during a speech. Even though he is not alive anymore, people still follow his dream. Our class wants to follow Martin and his dream. We want to be nice people like him and be leaders. We do this by helping other people. For example, sometimes we clean up messes, shovel the snow, hold the door, share supplies, quietly remind people to follow the rules, help people that are hurt, help people with homework, and help people if they can't reach something. It does not matter what color skin people have, we play with everyone! 

Everyone in our class wrote down what we are doing to follow Martin's dream. Then, Mrs. Westenberger videotaped us reading our writing in front of the green screen in the Solutionist Studio. We added the picture of Martin to the green screen app and it looked like he was right behind us! We shared our videos with our parents on SeeSaw because they were really special. Some people printed the picture out and put it on their bulletin boards at home.

We hope you liked learning about Martin Luther King. Please keep following his dream and don't forget to play with everybody. Be a leader, like him!

Quiz Time (answer key below the pictures)

True or False: Martin Luther King believed in equal rights.

True or False: Martin Luther King did not like the idea of schools for black and white kids together.

True or False: Martin Luther King had one sister and one brother. 

True or False: Martin Luther King lived until he was 100 spreading the "I Have a Dream" speech.

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