1st Grade Spotlight: Ms. Macedo

Student writers

Emily, Cynthia and Luuka tell us all about the guppies and snails in Ms. Macedo's class.

Written by: Emily, Cynthia and Luuka

The snails and guppies have arrived!

When the snails arrived, we had ten snails.  We carried the snails to the back table and we put them into the freshwater habitat tank.  They immediately suctioned to the side of the tank. The snails were kind of small, like the size between a penny and a quarter.  They were a really dark blue color and almost black. On the side, they had one big white suction thing.  The snail's shell is hard to protect the body.  The snails eats the Elodea that floats on the top of the water. They also keep our tank clean. The whole class worked together to name the snails. We put all our name ideas into a container and our teacher picked ten. Luuka named a snail Wolverine, Cynthia named one Goldie, and Emily named one Taylor. About two days after the snails arrived, we saw a baby snail in our tank and it did not have a shell.  We have been watching the shell grow.  The baby snail can stay in the tank safely with the other snails.  So now we have 11 snails.  The snails are kind of boring and just sit there all day. From the beginning of the day to the end of the day, they really don't move much. 

But, the guppies move really fast and are really fun to watch! We started with ten of them and they are about the size of a minnow.  We put them in the freshwater habitat. Our guppies are white with a little orange on the side. We all put name ideas into container for the guppies and our teacher picked ten names.  Emily's guppy name, Scar, was picked!  Luuka wanted the name Rocky, but it didn't get picked.  Cynthia put in the name Shine, but it didn't get picked. There were two guppies that looked like they had a big rock in their bellies, but it wasn't a rock.  Can you guess what it was?  If you guessed baby guppies, you were right! We had to put the babies in a cup so the other guppies wouldn't eat the babies! One guppy had ten babies and the other guppy had two babies.  So in all, we now have 21 guppies! 

We like to watch our snails and guppies all day long, but mostly like the fast guppies!

Class photo