1st Grade Spotlight: Ms. Macedo's Class

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Monroe, Tayo and Jack explain how Ms. Macedo's class used 3Doodlers to make 3D fake food for their nutrition unit.

Story told by: Monroe, Tayo, Jack

Typed by: Mrs. Gauthier



In Ms. Macedo's class we are using 3Doodlers with our Food Group unit. The different food groups are protein, grains, dairy, fruits and vegetables. We used the 3Doodlers to make some 3D food from a food group.

First, we had to pick the food we wanted to make. Monroe chose a bowl of spaghetti, Tayo chose a strawberry and Jack chose a raspberry. The food couldn't be treats and stuff like that. We filled out the top of our sheet that said, "I made a _______(put your food here). It is in the ______ food group."

Next, we went to the Solutionist Studio to make our food. Ms. Macedo printed out pictures of our different food choices. The picture was handed to us. There could only be three people at the table. We could choose our table.

Then, Ms. Macedo gave us the directions. We had to grab four pieces of filament. Filament is like stuff that you put in the 3Doodler. If the color runs out, the filament is the stuff that you put in the hole on the top and it turns into warm gooey stuff to make your 3D thing.

Next, we had to press the button to turn it on and wait for the red light to turn green. Once the light was green, we pressed the button and watched the bottom carefully so we knew when the filament was coming out. It was important that we didn't hold the button down because otherwise two pieces would come out and they would connect before they touched the paper. Also, we had to make sure we didn't hold the button for the whole time because it might break the 3Doodler. If the filament ran out, we just had to put in another one. There were separate 3Doodlers for each color because they might break if we do a lot of colors in one.

After that we traced the picture of our food with the 3Doodler. It dried very fast. 

Our teacher peeled the stuff off of the plastic and then it was added to a piece of paper with clear tape so we could see our food. We had a piece of paper with our name on it. We got to choose what color our name was. Monroe chose a pink name, Tayo choose a green name and Jack choose a red name.

Finally, we filled in the bottom half of our paper. It said, "It is in the _____ food group. It is good for me because it ___________."

Using the 3Doodlers was amazing, wonderful and fantastic! We can't wait to use them again.

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