2nd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. O'Hearn

Classroom of students

James, Harper and Kendrick, from Mrs. O'Hearn's class, share their favorite part of the school day.


What is your favorite part of school?  James, Harper and Kendrick from Mrs. O'Hearn's class all agreed that Free Choice writing was their favorite part of the day.  Read below to find out why they love Free Choice writing so much.

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Sometimes we get to do free choice writing. You can write about anything!  I like to play video games at home.  My two favorites are Mine Craft and Animal Crossing New Horizons.  I can't play these at school so I just write about them!  I wrote about both of these games during free choice time.  Now, other people who don't know much about video games can read my writing and they might start liking video games.  Then, if they want to play these games, I could play with them. Free choice writing is fun and if you try it, I think you would like it too!

Student's story



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Sometimes our writing from class has to be fiction or nonfiction, but when it is free choice writing time we get to decide. We have so much fun we want to keep going!  I like to write about video games like The Hunter Call of the Wild or MineCraft. It makes me feel like I am in the game when I am writing. I close my eyes and I feel like I am playing. It helps me to see the game in my head so I know what to write about.  Sometimes we publish our writing. You should try free choice writing. It is so exciting!

Writing Piece

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I love free choice writing because I can use Book Creator.  You can press a square and it will let you type a story you want.  I like to put pictures in too. You can play with the book and make funny stories.  I wrote a funny story about two kids pranking their teacher at school.   Book Creator makes my book look more realistic.  When I'm done it looks like I published a whole book with a cover, punctuation, pictures, and an ending. 

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