2nd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Behling's Class

Student writers

Liam, Cayden and Vivian explain how they are leaders in training in Mrs. Behling's Class.

Written by: Liam, Cayden, and Vivian

Do you want to be a leader? If you do, you should read this.

Everybody has a job in Mrs. Behling's class because we want to help around the classroom and become leaders. The job I have (Liam) is teacher's assistant. It is very important because you read the morning meeting and at the end of the day you might help with a science video.  My job (Cayden) is the hallway monitor.  In the hallway, it might get a little loud so I need to remind my friends to be at a voice volume 0. My job (Vivian) is attendance and lunch checker. In the morning, I count the lunch boxes and I tell Mrs. Behling how many there are and I bring the traveling folder to the specials classes, like music, gym, art and library.  There are other jobs in our classroom, too! There is the librarian. This person make sure that all the books are in the right spot in the classroom and they help people put books away. The math leader does little math things after lunch, before writing. For example, the math leader might be in charge of making secret code cards or helping the class skip count. The bathroom monitor closes and opens the bathroom on our clipboard. There are times during the day that we can go to the bathroom. Mrs. Behling tells us if it is time to open the bathroom. If it is an emergency, you can go at any time. Desk monitors make sure your desk and book bins are organized and clean. If they are dirty, the desk monitors kindly remind their classmates to clean up their mess. The lunch bin person brings down the pink basket that has cold lunches in it. The paper passer passes out papers and take home folders throughout the day. There is also a filler inner.  If someone is absent, then the filler inner does their job for them. This is an important job because we have students absent often.The time keeper sets the timers for reading and writing. When the time runs out, the time keeper tells the class the time is up and what they should do next. Doors and light person shut off the lights and close the door. Pencil sharpener sharpens all of the pencils in the bag at the morning or the end of the day. Dismissal Checker dismisses students to get their backpacks at the end of the day. Some jobs have two people that do them and some jobs just have one person.  We switch jobs every month.

If we did not have these jobs, our room would be dirty and Mrs. Behling would have a LOT of jobs to do. We try our best to remember to do our jobs so that Mrs. Behling does not have to worry about them. We do not get paid, we just do this to help our teacher! These jobs are helping us understand work for when we grow up.  We are learning to be responsible, respectful, and great leaders!

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