2nd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Kerscher

Students holding book

Porter and Colton tell us about an awesome day of reading in Mrs. Kerscher's classroom.

Written By: Porter and Colton

Do you know who Dr. Seuss is? Well, we do! We watched a movie about Dr. Seuss and learned a lot about him. We learned that he is a famous author and that he wrote a lot of stories. Then, Mrs. Kerscher picked sticks with numbers.  My number is 12 (Porter) and my number is 9 (Colton).  When she picked our number, we could pick a partner. Once we had our partner, we picked a Dr. Seuss book and read the book together.  Sometimes, we took turns reading.  It was awesome! When we were done, we put the book back and picked another one.  At the end, she gave us bookmarks with different Dr. Seuss books on them. Now, do you who Dr. Seuss is?


Class of students


Class of students


students reading


Students reading