2nd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Kerscher's class

Student writers

Harper, Roland and Morgen tell us all about a non fiction writing unit in Mrs. Kerscher's class.

Written by: Harper, Roland & Morgen

Typed by: Mrs. Gauthier

Non Fiction Writing

Mrs. Kerscher's class became animal experts during our non fiction writing unit. When we finished with our narrative writing, we started a non fiction unit. The non fiction unit was all about animals. Everybody went on Pebble Go on our iPads to look at different animals. We needed to choose which animal we wanted to study. We could not choose a dog or a cat and we could not copy other people's animal. Mrs. Kerscher came around and wrote down all of our animals on a checklist. I (Harper) chose Chinchillas , I (Roland) chose Anacondas and I (Morgen) chose Coral Snakes.The next day, we started to research our animal. We had a little planner with everything we needed to do written on it. We needed to find information about our animal habitat, diet, the way the animal moves, the animal lifecycle, what the animal looks like, fun facts, how it hunts, a conclusion, a table of contents and a glossary.   These were all options. You did not have to include all of them in your book. You had to have a glossary and conclusion. In total, you needed to have seven or more pages. We spent a couple of weeks researching our animals and recording the information. Then, we wrote our book on paper. Our teacher checked in with us to make sure everything was ok. If she said it was ready to go, we could start typing. After we typed up our entire book, Mrs. Kerscher checked it and printed it.  Some people went to the office to have it printed. Then, we drew pictures to go along with our pages. Once we were done with our books, she gave us the cover to decorate. When we were done with the cover, she stapled the entire book together and we shared them with the whole class. After that, Mrs. Kerscher put them into our classroom library. We were not allowed to keep other people's books in our book box because we don't want to ruin other people's books.  This project took us about a month.  The whole project was a lot of work and we feel really good about our finished projects!


Final thoughts-

"I was about to cry when I saw my finished book because I was so excited!" -Harper

"I think it was really, really fun because we could work around the classroom when we were writing." -Roland

"I was excited when I finished typing because it took forever and I was proud of myself for finishing it."

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