2nd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Noel's Class

Student Writers

Monroe, Olivia, and Bobby explain how the second graders used the Bee-Bots to make a parade.

2nd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Noel's Class

Written By: Monroe, Olivia, & Bobby

Typed By: Mrs. Gauthier

We are in Mrs. Noel's second-grade class and we are experts at turning Bee-Bots into floats for a parade. A Bee-Bot is like a bee on wheels. It is bigger than a bee and is about the size of a kid's shoe. It is yellow with black stripes. There are buttons on the top that code the Bee-Bot: there is a backward button, a forward button, a right button, a left button, a green "go" button in the middle, a pause button, and a cancel button.

All of the second graders worked with Mrs. Wick to create a parade using the Bee Bots and balloons to make floats. We were put into groups of three or four and designed our parade floats. Once we had the design, we collected the materials we needed like balloons, tape, string, pencils, scissors, pipe cleaners, colored paper, pom poms, markers, straws, glue, stickers, and fabric.  

We started with the balloon. Our teacher said we could blow up our balloon, but if we couldn't blow it up, she said she would blow it up for us. Monroe's group put brown paper on their balloon to make it look like a football and they used white string with clear tape to make the laces. They also used straws on the side of their balloon to hold it up. Olivia's group tried making a football but it did not turn out. So they ended up just adding things like stripes, patches, stickers, and patterns. Bobby's group was trying to make Joe Burrow but it turned out like a cat. They used pencils to hold up their balloon because there were two balloons. One was used for the head and one was used for the body. There were many different designs, including monsters, rainbows, Elephant & Piggy, turkeys, bees, Pikachu, ladybugs, dragons, aliens, and brides.

Our decorated Bee-Bot floats had to be coded to go in the right direction for the parade in the hallway. There was green tape on both sides to create a road. All of the second-grade classes came for the parade in person. Two kindergarten classes were able to come from the library and art to watch as well. Other classes in the school watched the parade live through our Google Meet.

The parade was a HUGE success! It was exciting and we were still learning. We would like to do this again. Maybe we could have another parade soon!








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