2nd Grade Spotlight: Ms. Rupiper's Class

Student writers

Bennett, Vera and Caden explain how Ms. Rupiper's class created books on animals.

Written by: Bennett, Vera, Caden

Typed by: Mrs. Gauthier

Ms. Rupiper's class did a special writing project about an animal. We worked in groups for this project and our teacher decided who was in our group.  Our entire group needed to choose what animal we were researching. 

Then, we used a concept map to help organize our thoughts. We put our main idea in the circle in the middle of the concept map and then added circles coming out of that circle with different topics. For example, we added things like, 

-What do they eat?

-Where do they live?

-How fast do they run?

-Are there different breeds?

-How many babies do they have?

-How tall are they?

Next, we researched our topics. So, say we were researching sharks, we would start to do some research on our topic, like how long are sharks. We did our research in Epic and KidzAtoZ on our iPads. We all did research. Then at the end we would come together and share what we discovered and then add it to the page. 

When we were done researching, we all had to cross out one topic. Our group looked at which topic had the least information and then that was the one we crossed off. 

We created a Table of Contents using our small circle topics from the concept map. Our Table of Contents also had page numbers.  

The rest of our notes were used to make our book.  Different people wrote different chapters and decided what notes should go into the chapters. Our teacher helped us turn our notes into sentences and paragraphs. 

When we were done writing, we looked at every page to make sure we didn't miss a word or a letter by accident. If we did, we would fix it and add it in.

Finally, we drew and colored the pictures to go with our book.  We were allowed to go on our iPad and search, "How to draw a ______." Some of us searched for this and found it helpful. Others just drew the animals from memory. Some people added captions to their pictures. There were some books with extra facts in the picture. Other groups made diagrams to show the different body parts. Some groups even made an All About the Author page at the end of the book.

We are happy we did this project and we feel like we are experts on our animal!

Our favorite part of our book:

Bennett- My group made the snake book. My favorite part was when we added little facts in our pictures. We thought of it because National Geographic books have these little facts by the pictures. One special fact about snakes is that they can sting with their tongues. I could tell you snake facts all day long!

Vera- My group worked on a Panda book. My favorite part was that we could all work together on a page. I also liked that we could draw pictures together. I learned that if a mother panda has two cubs, it will usually only have one that survives. 

Caden- Our book was all about cats. My favorite part of this project was putting labels on the different kinds of cats in our book. One thing I learned about cats is that some cats have no fur.

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