2nd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Schneeberger

Student writers

Harper, Tanner and Travis tell us about their experience writing fairy tales in Mrs. Schneeberger's class.

Written by: Harper, Tanner and Travis

Have you ever read a fairy tale? I bet you have. But, have you ever written your own fairy tale? Well, we did in Mrs. Schneeberger's room! She read the Three Little Pigs to give us an idea of what a fairy tale was.  We acted out different parts of the story to help us better understand it and picture it in our minds. Then, we made a list of a lot of different fairy tales.  Next, we picked out a story we wanted to use to make a fractured fairy tale.  What is a fractured fairy tale? It is a like an old fairy tale but you make changes to it. If you didn't want to make a fractured fairy tale, you could make up your own, crazy fairy tale. This was exciting because we don't normally do this. Mrs. Schneeberger helped us organize our writing with sheets that said character, setting, problem and solution.  We could write down ideas for our story on it. I (Travis) wrote a story, The Day the Crayons Went to School, about a bad, despicable crayon who is trying to capture all of the other crayons but colorful man tries to save them.  I (Tanner) wrote The Donut and the Frog about a frog who is trying to eat a donut but the frosting falls off and he runs into some horrible problems.  I (Harper) was the author of The Dragon Chase.  My story was about a girl and her dad who go mountain climbing but a dragon finds them and they try to escape him. Writing fairy tales was an unusual, creative, and exciting experience! 

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