2nd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Schneeberger's Class

Student writers

Lola, Cash and Andrea explain the importance of GRIT in Mrs. Schneeberger's class.

Written by: Lola, Cash and Andrea

Mrs. Schneeberger's class believes in grit. Grit means people don't give up and keep going. They keep working hard. In our class, when people try things, they don't give up and they don't listen to that voice that says, "You can't do it." Grit connects to the Bulldog Way. The Bulldog Way is to be safe, respectful and responsible. 

We learned that even famous people use grit. We add them to our Grit board. For example, Albert Einstein was one of the smartest people in the world, even though he was not able to speak until he was four years old. Another example is Mason Crosby, the kicker for the Green Bay Packers. He had a streak of missing field goals, but he didn't give up and had grit! Then he started making the field goals again. People told Walt Disney that he lacked creativity and did not have original ideas. Then, he created Disney and many Disney movies that are creative. Dr. Suess's first book was rejected by 27 publishers, but he kept trying until somebody liked it. If I want to be a writer when I am older, I will think of Dr. Suess and his grit.

We think about grit throughout the day. Sometimes our teacher makes mistakes and then she fixes her mistakes by using grit. When I (Lola) am in math, sometimes it can get hard and I want to give up, but then my classmate will say, "Use Grit." Or, when we are trying to make a picture for the year book cover, we might mess up, but then we use grit. When we are writing, we don't just write one paper, we keep going and think of more ideas and use grit. I (Cash) can't jump rope in gym class, but I keep trying and I will get it. If somebody is being rude to us, we just ignore them and use grit. At gymnastics, I (Andrea) have to do hard things and it gets really hard and I keep going and use grit.

If you don't have a grit board, you can come back to this article to remind you. Or, you can make your own grit board. You might find examples of people with grit in the world. For example, athletes, publishers, doctors, dancers, hospital workers, teachers and pretty much anyone can have grit. Keep listening and you will find examples of grit all around you! I hope you now know what grit is and use it in your life.


True/False Quiz

1. If you have to do 25 push up and you stop at 5.This is grit.   FALSE

2. If you are trying to make a paper airplane that goes really far, but it is not working. You start over and try it again.  This is grit. TRUE

3. If you trying to learn to ice skate or rollerblade and you keep falling. Then you keep trying until you get it right. This is grit.  TRUE

4. If you are trying to code a Beebot robot and it is not working. You say, "I give up! I can't do this." This is grit. FALSE


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