2nd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Voigt's Class

Student writers

Anne, Hadley and CJ tell us all about 3D printing with Mrs. Voigt's class.

Scribed by: Anne, Hadley, and CJ

Typed by: Mrs. Gauthier


3-D Printing

Our class, Ms. Voigt's class, is working with Mrs. Wick on a 3D printing project. Mrs. Wick showed us an app called, Tinkercad. This is an app where we can design our 3D printing. Here are the steps we took to build our 3D object.

1. Log in to TinkerCad using your username and password.

2. Click "Create New Design."

3. Watch a video in the top right corner and it will tell you how to use Tinkercad. 

4. Choose from the shapes on the right side called, "Basic Shapes."

5. Tap the shape you want.

6. Tap on the grid where you want the shape.

7. Add extra details to your objects.

8. Send the project to Mrs. Wick to print.

9. Mrs. Wick will print the 3D design in white.

10. Color your 3D objects with marker (optional).

How does a 3D printer work? Our 3D printer is called Robo3. A 3D printer does not look like a normal printer. The 3D printer is more like a curved cube. It is about 1 1/2 feet tall and about one foot wide. It has a printer hanging down from the top of the inside of the box. It seems like it has robot hands, almost like a claw machine, that draw the 3D object. In a normal printer, you use paper. But in a 3D printer, you put in this wire type stuff called filament. Once the filament is installed, the machine melts it and builds our 3D object. It starts by drawing it on the bottom of the machine, called the plane. After it has the bottom done, it builds its way up to the top, layer by layer. It builds a layer, cools off, and then continues building another layer. The printed filament cools off quickly because it is not being heated anymore. 

We hope you enjoyed learning about 3D printing!

Quiz Time (answer key below pictures)

1.What is the wire that you use in the 3D printer?

   a. ink

   b. filament

   c. wire

   d. none of the above


2. What app did we use to make our 3D object?

   a. 3D Printing Party

   b. 3D Design App

   c. 3D Make Me Happy

   d. TinkerCad


3. What was our 3D printer called?

    a. Robo3

    b. Robo3D

    c. Robot Printer

    d. RoboNoNo

TinkerCad logo

This is the app we used for our design.

Image from Tinkercad app

Example of building your design in TinkerCad.

Our 3D printer, Robo3.

3D printing

A finished printed 3D project.

Class of students

Our amazing class!

Answer Key

1. b

2. d

3. a