3rd Grade Spotlight: Mr. Quinn Thompson's Class

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Vivian, Noah, and Garrett share information about goal setting in Mr. Quinn Thompson's third grade class.

3rd Grade Spotlight: Mr. Quinn Thompson's Class 

Written By: Vivian, Noah, and Garrett

Typed By: Mrs. Gauthier


Goal Setting

Do you like setting goals? We are in Mr. Quinn's 3rd-grade classroom and we work on setting goals. There is a bulletin board in our room where we put our goals on display so everyone can read them. We work towards accomplishing our goals for a couple of weeks. There is a big word on the bulletin board that says, "YET." This means, "We have not accomplished our goal YET." If we meet our goal, we move the goal by our name and write a new goal to add to the "YET" goal section. 

We write goals about all different subjects. For example, my goal (Garrett) is to become a better drawer. When we have a goal time, I work on my drawing. I want to be as good as my sister because when she draws dragons, she does super good! My goal (Vivian) is reading. Sometimes words can get tricky when I am reading books. I go on EPIC to read books. I sound out words and use my strategies when I get to a hard word. Finally, my goal (Noah) is to get better at multiplication and division. During goal time, I do timed tests and work on Blooket, Dreambox, etc. Other kids in our class have goals for things like being proactive, using the 7 Habits, not blurting out in class, making friends, cursive, and writing. 

When we reach our goal, we feel very happy and confident. Everybody in our class has met at least one goal. Some goals take longer than others to accomplish. We like having the goals we accomplished next to our names so we can always look up and see what we did. 

Thank you for reading about our goals in Room 218. We hope you enjoyed it and encouraged you to set your own goals!


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