3rd Grade Spotlight: Ms. Demerath

Student writers

Calista, Alexandra and Kelton tell us all about ghost letters and how the students in Ms. Demerath's class became Ghostbusters.

Ghost Letters

Written by: Calista, Alexandra & Kelton

Knew, assign and crumb.  What do these words all have in common? They are all ghost words!  A ghost word is kind of like two letters together and one of the letters is like a ghost- you can't hear it.  For example, the word crumb is a ghost word. Can you guess which letter is the ghost? If you guessed "b" then you are correct! 

In Mrs. Demerath's class we were working with these ghost words.  We brought flashlights from home or shared with a friend. Mrs. Demerath had these pieces of papers with ghost words on them.  She taped some of the ghost words up in easy places to find and some in hard places to find in our room. Lights out! Then, Mrs. Demerath yelled, "Go!"  We were the Ghostbusters and it was our job to find all of the ghosts. Once we found them we busted them by pointing our flashlight on it.  We had a piece of paper that said things like, "Find a ghost word that has... wr." Once we found the word, we wrote it on our paper. 

Being a Ghostbuster was fun because it is something we don't normally do and it is Halloween time! It was also a difficult job busting the ghosts because we had a time limit and we had to find two ghost words to complete every check on our list. In the end, Mrs. Demerath said, "Great job Ghostbusters!"


Quiz Time

Find the ghost letter in each of these words:
1. assign

2. knew

3. crumb

4. write

5. gnat



Answer Key

1. The ghost letter/sound in assign is the "g."

2. The ghost letter/sound in knew is the "k."

3. The ghost letter/sound in crumb is the "b."

4. The ghost letter/sound in write is the "w."

5. The ghost letter/sound in gnat is the "g."

picture of a ghost with a word in it


Worksheet assignment


Class of students