3rd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Jeanquart's Class

Student Writers

Travis and Harper share about their favorite writing unit so far this year: mysteries.

Mysterious Mysteries

Written By: Travis and Harper

In Mrs. Jeanquart's class we are writing mysteries. It is probably the most fun writing unit we have ever had because you can get creative! We started writing about characters, like the side kick and the detective. So we had this packet to fill out about all of the things about your character: what they like, what is secret about them, what is a good trait about them, and what is a bad trait about them. Then, we brainstormed a bunch of different mystery ideas and selected one. We talked about the suspects and their motive. For example, I (Travis) wrote someone's name and the detective and the side kick did a prank on this one person and he wanted to get revenge. I (Harper) have three suspects and three motives.  One was named Drew and his friends dared him to break into the school and he wanted to do it because of the pressure. Next, we will be working on clues and alibis.  An alibi is when people think that you did something wrong but you were actually somewhere else and someone can prove that you were there. It might be a family or friend that will help prove you are not guilty. Finally, we will finish writing our mysteries and then publish them. 

Sometimes writing and reading go together. If you like mysteries, you can read books about mysteries. A great mystery to read is The Absent Author in the A to Z Mystery Series. This book is about a girl who everyone thought was a boy and everyone thought he was kidnapped. It's a little confusing to explain so you should just read it! Or you can read Cam Jansen books. Those books are about a girl named Cam, and she solves mysteries by taking pictures with her eyes. Another series you might like is Clubhouse Mysteries.  The first book in this series is called The Buried Bones and it is about a group of kids who decide to make a clubhouse and then solve mysteries. 

If you are looking to read a new mystery, ask a Meadowbrook 3rd grader. They will be able to share book suggestions and their own mystery!

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Mystery Writing plan


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