3rd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Laha

Student writers

Lauren and Adeline explain why Fridays are the best day of the week in Mrs. Laha's classroom.

Free Friday

Written by: Lauren & Adeline


Fridays are the best day of the week!

On Fridays in Mrs. Laha's room you get shop at the Paw Shop. You earn Paws for being safe, respectful and responsible in school. You can get Paws in your classroom, in the lunch room, in specials, and outside.  For example, if you are at recess and someone forgets to put their basketball away and you go over there to pick it up, you will earn a Paw. You might earn a Paw in the classroom for being a respectful listener.  When we Paw Shop there are little things we can purchase: candy in little bags, mini toys in a treasure chest, certificates to have lunch with the teacher, and other things.  There are different prices for different prizes. Each Paw is worth one dollar.  Some things cost $5, $15, $20, $25 and $30. Sometimes people in our class save their Paws just like you can save money to buy a few things at a time. We think Mrs. Laha buys all of this stuff with her own money for the Paw Shop.  She must really like us!

We also get to write stories about anything we want on Free Friday.  You can write with a partner or by yourself. It doesn't have to be a real story.  Your story can be fiction, nonfiction, fairy tale or whatever. I (Lauren) chose to write mysteries with a partner.  I (Adeline) chose to write How To books with a partner, like How To Sneak Some Candy Without Your Parents Knowing. At the end of writing, we get to share so we can learn from each other. Some kids shared a comic book they wrote about a boy who got stuck in a closet.  Other students wrote about a girl who kept changing what she liked and then at the end of the story she didn't like anything at all! If it wasn't a Friday, then you would have to do your work on your writing for our unit. Friday is way more fun! We really enjoy Free Writing on Friday.

When you are reading during Free Friday, you have options that are different from the rest of the week. You can chose to read on your iPad or with a partner. You can listen to stories on StoryLine online or Epic.  Sometimes our teacher even allows us to watch videos, but only if they are teaching you something. Personally, I (Lauren) like to listen to a book on Storyline. At the start they show you the person who is reading the book. It is so relaxing to sit back and listen to a book. You can hear a person reading the book and you can look at the pictures as the book comes to life. It also allows you to pause and go back into the book to show you different pictures. Plus, when you read during Free Friday, you can sit anywhere around the room, like in wobbly chairs, by a lamp that has five lamps in it and you can dim the lamp, comfy chairs, exercise balls, or under a desk. We can sit wherever we are comfortable.

Not only do we do all of these fun things on Friday, but Friday is also the last day of the week, so it is close to the weekend! Our teacher makes sure to make Friday the best day of the week for us! Thank you, Mrs. Laha!

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