2nd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Noel

Student Writers

Brock, Aubree and Cameron tell us about measuring in Mrs. Noel's math class.

Written By: Brock, Aubree, Cameron

Do you use measuring in your life? You probably measure the length of objects for projects, the width of a door, or furniture. Have you ever measured your friends? We did in Mrs. Noel's math class!  We have been working on measuring in inches, centimeters, meters, and yards. Once we cut out our paper rulers, we got to explore the objects in our room by measuring them.  Our class recorded the data in our math journals.  Sometimes, we wrote a story problem about the objects we measured.  Our favorite activity was when we measured each other.  It was so much fun! We used a line plot to record and display our height. Everyone in our class added dots above the numbers on the line plot to show how tall we were in centimeters. The line plot showed us the range of heights in our classroom. We subtracted the shortest height from the tallest height. Our class compared the different numbers. It was a blast! Now, you can go and measure your friends and have fun!


Class of students


Student showing math book


student showing math book


student showing math book