3rd Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Noel's Class

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Writers Parker, Owen A. and Owen M. explain the current Paw Challenge in the third grade hallway.


Paw Challenge

Written by: Parker, Owen A. & Owen M.

Once upon a time, there were these third grade students at Meadowbrook who were REALLY loud in the hallway when they walked in from second recess.  Their teachers were ready for a change so they decided it was time for a Paw Challenge. 

What is a Paw Challenge? We will tell you!

When the students come in from second recess, the expectation is to be really quiet and follow all the Bulldog Way. This means be safe, respectful and responsible.

In the hallway, the Bulldog Way means:

-kids walking and not running

-zero volume (this means silent)

-kids are not hurting other people

-kids are not pushing or kicking

-kids are keeping their feet quiet when walking (ninja feet)

-kids are keeping hands and feet to themselves

So, now, there is a section on the wall in the hallway that has every teacher's name on it.  If a class follows the Bulldog Way, they get a Paw next to their class name. All of the third grade teachers watch and carefully inspect all of the different classes walking in. They have a quick one minute discussion to determine which classes earned a Paw for that day.  Every class can earn a Paw every day. 

Great news!  All of the classes have earned Paws so far. The class with the most Paws by the end of November gets to decide what their reward will be. If all the classes tie, then they will all get an extra recess!

Mrs. Noel's class, our class, is in the lead by two paws. Although The other classes are working really hard to try beat us, we are staying strong.  Other kids might think we are getting special treatment, but our class is just that good at being really quiet in the hallway!  For example, our class had a substitute on Wednesday, November 17th, 2021. The teachers watched us like hawks. All of the other classes were trying to catch if we would talk more with a sub. Sometimes people think that if you have a substitute you might not be on your best behavior. But, our class still did great and earned a Paw when we had a substitute! We are very focused on improving our hallway behavior and winning the Paw Challenge.

Overall, we think the Paw Challenge has made a huge difference in the hallway and everyone is a winner. Other teachers have pointed out that the third grade hallway behavior is pretty impressive. The Paw Challenge helped everyone improve and remember our goals.

Those Meadowbrook elementary classes from "once upon a time" lived happily ever after and were quiet in the hallway forever.

Hallway Expectations

 Hallway Expectations

Paw Challenge

Paw Challenge

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 Mrs. Noel's class on Crazy Hair Day