3rd Grade Spotlight: Ms. Demerath's Class

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Ainsley and Caden explain how Ms. Demerath's class created a fun mystery for Ms. Rupiper's class to solve.

Written By: Ainsley and Caden

Typed By: Mrs. Gauthier

Guess what? Our A to Z Mystery book box was stolen from our classroom.

You'll never guess who stole it. It was Ms. Free, our substitute school counselor. She stole Ms. Demerath's book box to start off our mystery unit in reading and writing. Ms. Free left clues that brought us around the school. Her clues rhymed and some of them were difficult to figure out. We ended up finding our book box and were really excited about our mystery unit.

Today, we are having a celebration for completing our mystery reading writing units.  To make things a little more exciting, we made a mystery for Ms. Rupiper's 2nd-grade class. Ms. Rupiper told their classroom elf, named Peppermint, to come to our classroom. We created clues to help their class solve the case of the Missing Elf. We wrote clues on ripped-up notebook paper so it looked sketchy like an elf would write. The second graders had to follow the clues around the school. After the second graders solved the mystery, the last clue brought them to our class. Then we had a celebration of solving their mystery by having hot chocolate. We were also celebrating that we finished writing our own mysteries. We sat around the "fire" and read our mysteries to the second graders.

Mysteries are fun to solve. Maybe you could make your own mystery search at home!

Examples Clue: 

written clue

 Answer: Our Door

door of greetings


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