4th Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Berg's Classroom

Student writers

Addison and Alyssa tell us about an activity they did in their class related to the book, The Tiger Rising.

Written by: Addison & Alyssa

Have you ever had your feelings locked up in suitcase? Well, in The Tiger Rising by Kate DiCamillo the main character, Rob, kept his feeling about his mom dying locked up in a suitcase.  This was our class read aloud book and we just finished it! For our celebration, we did an Escape Room about the book. Our teacher gave us this little piece of paper and we had to do the break out, a break out is when you get some clues and then you have to figure out how to unlock the code. We had four puzzles we had to solve. 

To solve the first puzzle we had 12 cards that each had part of the plot on them. Then, the teacher put something on the board that said, "Not all of the cards are useful."  This was sneaky because it was NOT true.  Using the order of the book, we had to determine the order of the cards and then that matched the numbers.  We had to call our teacher over to check our answer.  If we were right, she would give us the cards for the second task.


The second puzzle was about the characters from The Tiger Rising.  It was kind of like a word search. You would get the cards and it would tell you about the character without the name. For example, the card might say, "there was a girl with a pink dress." You would have to figure out what character that was and write the name in the boxes. There was a list of name to choose from at the top of this section. Some of the boxes for the letters were shaded and we had to figure out a code word using the shaded letters. The code word was, "suitcase." The word suitcase was important because Rob from The Tiger Rising kept his feelings locked up in a suitcase.

The third puzzle was about the vocabulary from the book.  So, there were these cards that went 1,2,3,4,5,6 and 7.  You had seven letters and had to match them up.  The card would says something like, "Rob put some ointment on his legs." The work ointment was underlined. Then, you would have to find the word card that explained ointment.  The letter that was on the page that explained ointment went into the box on our paper.  In the end, it spelled, "freedom." Rob from the book wanted freedom to let his sadness out and begin to be happy. 


For the last one we had to take all of the cards from the other puzzles and use the animals on the card to determine the letters we needed.  It made a secret message that said, "Ain't nobody going to rescue you." This was something that Rob's dad said to the Tiger in the book.

Overall, we thought this was a challenging and fun experience! We were worried that other people were ahead of us and they were almost done.  Then, we heard the teacher tell them, "You are close." We were so anxious, but then when the teacher came over she said we were the first ones to solve all of the puzzles! We were jumping for joy!

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