4th Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Geiser

Student writers

Jennifer, Gabe and Carley tell us about technology in Mrs. Geiser's class.

Written By: Jennifer, Gabe, Carley

The students in Mrs. Geiser’s class are really techy! We use multiple tech tools throughout the day.  We find them to be extremely helpful.


Sometimes when there is not enough paper to go around, we take a picture of the paper using our camera on the iPad.  When there is something on the smart board, we take a picture of it so we can do our work independently and the teacher does not have to do it for us.  Also, this gives the teacher a chance to change what is on the Newline Board. 

Markup Tools in Photos

If we are doing a test and there is not enough paper, we can take a picture and use the mark up tool.  If we need more room for our math, we can take a picture of it and use the mark up tool to write our equations. This saves time so we don’t have to go get a clipboard and paper.  It also saves trees!


Our teacher AirDrops pictures and videos to our iPads.  For example, if you didn’t hear something or you got confused on a math lesson, she can share a video that you can rewatch to help yourself learn at your own pace. 

Newline Board

We use the Newline Board all the time!  We especially like using the classroom tools, like the stopwatch, timer, and screenshot. We use these time tools to help us stay on task when we are working with our reading and writing partners


There are multiple apps that we use throughout the day.  Here are a few of our favorites:

  • DreamBox allows us to work on math at our own level.

  • PicCollage lets us make creative lock screens for our iPads.

  • Math Worlds AR makes math games fun. The games match our math unit.

  • Google Classroom helps keep our work organized.  We can tap on them to see what we have for homework.  The teacher can put different links in Google Classroom for us.



Let’s see if you can guess the tech tool name based on the icon. All of the tools were mentioned above. You will find the answer below.



Answer Key

1.Google Classroom

2. Math Worlds AR

3. Air Drop

4. Dream Box

5. Camera

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