4th Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Tousignant's Class

Student writers

Grace, Sophia and James tell us all about their favorite part of being in Mrs. Tousignant's classroom.

Written by: Grace, Sophia, and James

Mrs. Gauthier came to work with us and told us that we were going to write a news article for our classroom spotlight.  She said that we could pick the topic and it could be about anything we enjoy about our classroom.  We brainstormed different ideas and came to the conclusion that the best thing about our classroom is our teacher, Mrs. Tousignnant! 

We are all in Mrs. Tousignant’s classroom and we couldn’t be happier about that. It is like she knows how boring school can be for some kids, so she makes it fun! Here are just a few of the reasons we love our teacher. 

  • Her room is jungle themed. There is even a zebra on our front door! 

  • Mrs. Tousignant loves books and she has so many that they don’t even all fit into the room. If she could, all of her walls would be covered in books. Her love of reading is contagious!

  • She is hilarious! She will randomly play cow sounds.  

  • Sometimes Mrs. Tousignant will sing directions.  You should hear that!

  • She tries to create different lessons with different styles of learning.

  • When some of us were in quarantine we would see funny emails or funny videos from Mrs. Tousignant in Google Classroom.  She has a way of making us laugh even when we are not with her.

  • We have pet guinea pigs in our room and their names are Luna, Zig and Teages.  Sometimes at reading time there is an area where a few kids can sit with the guinea pigs. 

  • Her goal is for us to have a good day and of course, learn. 

  • She has been known to go out for recess with us and play.

  • Mrs. Tousignant can be silly and try to distract us during our timed stamina reading.  But, she can’t trick us. We stay focused!

  • Every morning while kids are coming into the classroom we have this free choice time called, Soft Start.  This is important because we can get our brains ready for the day through creative activities.

  • Mrs. Tousignant always gives us multiple options. She knows we are all different and don’t like the same thing. 

  • One thing she does is buy us Diamond Art with her own money on Amazon. This is basically little fake diamonds that you can stick onto a paper that has numbers or symbols. You have to match the symbols to the right color.  We really enjoy making the Diamond Art. It gets our creativity flowing.

In conclusion, Mrs. Tousignant is simply the best! We love being in her classroom at Meadowbrook Elementary school.

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Diamond Art 

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