4th Grade Spotlight: Mrs. Tousignant's Class

Student artwork

Kate Lucas and Victoria Voigt share what is happening in Mrs. Tousignant's class.

Native American History

By: Kate L. and Victoria V.


Recently our class has been researching about Native American History and we’ve learned that back then, girls and boys didn’t always get to do the same thing.  For example, while boys go hunting, girls help the moms cook and weave baskets at home.  

Our classes got divided into 5 groups called Menominee, Potawatomi, Oneida, Ho-Chunk and Ojibwe.  We got to read our creation stories of where our tribes thought we came from.  Then we got to use only construction paper and a glue stick to describe and create our creation story on a poster board, it was sooooo…. hard!  We had to rip the paper with our fingers because we couldn’t use scissors.

Another thing we did for our unit is we got to make mini versions of shelters called Wigwams and Longhouses.  Kids brought in real sticks, birch bark and cattails.  We also used wire, popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners and butcher paper.  

Lastly, our classes got to make up our own Pow Wow dances after watching a video explaining there are many reasons for the dances.  They danced for spirituality, celebration of hunts, and prayers of sickness just to name a few reasons.  We presented it to other 4th grade classes with music and it was amazing!  It was very hard to do that in front of other friends because we didn’t have a lot of time to practice and getting up in front of our classmates can be hard!  We wish we could have been able to make and wear the Native American clothing.

We are learning so much about the Native American culture!

Ojibwe Creation Story art


Ho Chunk Creation Story Art


Native American project


Native American Culture art
Ho Chunk Creation Story Art


Student artwork


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