Classroom Spotlight: Mrs. Crabb

Fox in Socks Drawings

Addison, Emerson and Sophia share what's happening in Mrs. Crabb's class.

Written By: Addison, Emerson, and Sophia 

This year, Mrs. Crabb is working virtually with kindergarten and third-grade students. We have our own grade level Google meets, small group meets, and one on one meetings with Mrs. Crabb. In the afternoon, we do have a shared meeting time when we can come together as one big virtual class during an Interest Group google meet. 

This time is set aside as a time for us to check in with each other.   We usually draw. 

Mrs. Crabb presents her screen and we watch a How to Draw video as we draw along.  We pause the video to check in on everyone and give everyone a chance to catch up on the drawing.  At the end, we come back together to share our pictures and talk about them. 

The drawing videos match our interests, things we are learning about, as well as the seasons or events happening that month.  Some of our favorites have been the pop-up shark, the snow globe, a watermelon, and a treehouse.

The week before Valentine’s Day we drew Valentine’s Day pictures. We did drawings like conversation hearts, a Valentine robot, a valentine’s day cupcake, and a heart shape pizza.  Some of us even turned those drawings into cards for our family. During the month of February, we did a groundhogs day picture too.  This week we had fun drawing Dr. Seuss characters.

The Lorax drawing video

Fox in Socks drawings

The Cat in the Hat Drawings