Classroom Spotlight: Mrs. Voigt

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Mrs. Voigt explains an activity she does with her students to help them get to know one another.


Written by: Mrs. Voigt's Class


Virtual Show and Share

Our Virtual 1st and 2nd grade classes wanted to do something to get to know each other better since we aren't in the classroom all day together.  So every Friday everyone brings something that is important to them to show the class and tell about it.  After the person is finished talking, others can ask questions or make comments to connect to the item (that helps us to find out what we have in common)!  We had no idea how much we would really learn about each other by doing this each week!  


A few things the 1st graders know about each other:

   -Xander likes costumes, CJ and Bennett like hot wheels and Dragon Masters, Caden likes to make movies and Jaxon likes his dogs!


The 2nd graders had this to say:

   -"A lot of people like Pokemon and video games!"

   -"We learn about things we do with our families."

   -"We get to know each other better!"

   -"It's fun!"

Virtual learning students


Virtual learning students