Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. Ball

Student Writers

Kali, Addison and Levi from Mrs. Ball's class share how to use the Dash robot to push blocks.

Written by: Kali, Addison & Levi

Mrs. Ball's class (she used to be called Ms. Harding but she just got married) was working with Mrs. Wick with the Dash robots.  We worked on pushing blocks. There was an app, called GO, we needed to download onto our iPads. Some people did not download it because maybe their partner already did it.  Our teacher called on someone and then that person got to pick a partner.  We worked with our partner to push some blocks. We will show you how to push the blocks with a Dash step by step.

Step By Step Directions

1. Turn the Dash robot on. You will hear some sounds so you know it is on. There is an orange thing that looks like a rectangle without a bottom.  The end that does not connect to the bottom is a circle. You snap the rectangle without a bottom onto the Dash robot.

2. Look on the bottom of the Dash robot for a number.

3. Open the GO app on the iPad.

4. Look for the number on the screen.  Hint: you might have to move it side to side.

5. Press your number and you will see a picture of your Dash with a check on the bottom.

6. Press the picture of the Dash with the check.

7. Your iPad is like a remote control. You will see a circle with a cross in the middle of it.  There is a circle in the middle of the cross. If you press the circle up to the top of the cross, the Dash will go forward.  If you press bottom, it will go down. If you press left, it will go left.  If you press right, it will go right. There is something that looks like a carrot, it will control the speed. The top is fast and the bottom of the carrot is slow.  The middle is perfect speed. There is even a button to make the Dash dizzy by going in circles. If you press the heart or the ears you can change the color.

8. Put a block in front of the rectangle without a bottom.  Use the remote control on your iPad to move the blocks to the blue paper.

9. Once you complete it, you can add another block.  


Quiz time: Can you guess how many blocks each of us moved?

Try to match the number of blocks with the right person below.






5 Blocks

6 Blocks

7 Blocks


Kali: 6 blocks

Addison: 5 blocks

Levi: 7 blocks

Dash Go App for iPad


Class of students


students using Dash robot


students using Dash robot



students using Dash robot


students using Dash robot