Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. Ball's Class

Student writers

Elizabeth, Jaylen and Beckett tells us about using BeeBots with Mrs. Ball's class.

Written By: Elizabeth, Jaylen, and Beckett

Typed by: Mrs. Gauthier


In Mrs. Ball's class, we are learning about push and pull. You have got to push things, like push chairs in. You can pull things, like you pull a tooth out. 

We went to the Solutionist Studio and Mrs. Wick helped us to practice push and pull with the BeeBots. We never used the BeeBots before. BeeBots are little bee robots that can move stuff, like blocks. It is like the size of your hand, it is yellow and black, it has two eyes, one mouth, stripes, and two wheels.

The BeeBot has 7 buttons on the top. They make him move. There are four arrow buttons that make him move in the arrow direction. If you push it one time it will move in that direction and then it will beep when it is done. You push all of your directions buttons and then you push the green button to make it go. These directions are called coding. There is an X button to delete everything. You push that after it is done doing its coding (pushing and pulling). The pause button makes the BeeBot pause, but we never used that one.

We worked with our reading partners. For pulling, we invented stuff to hook onto a hook so the BeeBot could pull blocks. It could pull about five blocks. For pushing, we had to use a little helmet so the BeeBot could push the blocks. Jaylen and Beckett were able to push 29 blocks!

We were able to get the BeeBots to push and pull blocks on the first try! It was exciting, it made us happy, and it was awesome!

True or False Questions:

The BeeBot can push 29 blocks. True or False

Answer: True!

The green button makes the BeeBot go. True or False

Answer: True!

The BeeBot has four wheels. True or False

False! Silly, it has TWO wheels!

Robot Bee



students working




students working with Mrs. Wick


students working with Mrs. Wick