Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. Barrett

Student writers

Tanner, Josie, Weston, Adela and Caleb tell us about their experience with the BeeBot robot in Mrs. Barrett's class.

Written by: Tanner, Josie, Weston, Adela, and Caleb

Our class worked with the Dash and BeeBot robots. Mrs. Wick and Mrs. Barrett helped us.  Some of the other kindergarten classes told you about Dash, so we will tell you more about the BeeBot. We used it to push blocks.  Keep reading and we will each tell you more!

Tanner: The BeeBot had a "C" thing that we used to move blocks.  The blocks went on the floor and the C moved them. It could move about 9 blocks at a time.  The Dash robot needed to use the iPad, but the BeeBot did not need the iPad.  You just press the buttons on the back of the BeeBot. So cool!

Josie: The BeeBot was not listening to one student in our class and it kept going in circles.  It did not even work right when the boy pushed the buttons.  My BeeBot almost went into Lawrence's BeeBot!  I pressed backwards but it only moved forwards.The BeeBot was being so silly!  

Weston: I think the BeeBot can push ten blocks if they are perfectly stacked up. It just needs to be on a smooth surface.  The BeeBot has wheels and only moves on the ground.

Adela: There are buttons on the BeeBot body. If you press forward however many times you want, it will move that many times forward.  There is a backward button.  We used that if the BeeBot was going too far forward. One boy pressed the BeeBot forward too may times.  Maybe he could have hit cancel by pressing the X.

Caleb: We pushed blocks by pushing the forward button on the BeeBot. Today, we get to pull the blocks. I think there will be a pulling suit.

We thought it would be fun if we made a quiz for you, so we did!



Tanner: True or False:You MUST use an iPad to move the Bee Bot.

Josie: True or False: Sometimes the BeeBot just goes a little silly.

Weston: True or False: If you take the shell off of the Bee Bot, it can fly like a bee.

Adela: Do you need to push the X button or the square button to cancel your code on the BeeBot?

Caleb: True or False: If you push the forward button on the BeeBot, it will go backwards.


Answer Key

Tanner's Question: False

Josie's Question: True

Weston's Question: False

Adela's Question: X Button

Caleb's Question: False

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Students working with Dash


Students working with Dash


Students working with Dash


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