Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. Behling

Student Writers

Alayna and Ryan tells us all about working with the Dash robots in Mrs. Behling's class.

Written By: Alayna and Ryan

Dash is a robot in Mrs. Wick’s room. You might already know what it is, but some people do not because maybe Mrs. Wick has not taught you. So we are going to teach you!  Dash has a blue head and three other blue circles that make things like legs.  Two are in the front and one in the back.  The Dash has orange circle eyes. We moved Dash around the room with the app on our iPad.  There is a number on the bottom of the Dash that Mrs. Wick put on with a Sharpie.  We checked our number, said it out loud, then looked for the number on our iPad and we connected to it. Mrs. Wick worked with our class to show us how the Dash can push and pull blocks.  Half of our class was in the pushing group with Mrs. Behling and the other half was in the pulling group with Mrs. Wick.  We had goals on a piece of paper. We had to move the blocks to the piece of paper. The pulling group used some plastic that looked like bunny ears connected to the Dash.  We had to put the pipe cleaner on the ground connected to the bunny ears.  We put blocks in the bunny ears. The pipe cleaner helped pull the blocks. Then we used our iPad to move it once we were connected.  It was very, very, very hard for me (Ryan).  It was like the blocks were saying, “I don’t like it! I don’t want to be with you” whenever I tried it (Ryan).  Even though it was hard, I did it two times (Alayna)! The pushing group had an orange thing that looked like a half of a circle connected to the dash.  The orange thing pushed the blocks to the piece of paper. Pushing was very fun!  I got a LOT of blocks on my paper (Ryan)!  I think I got at least ten blocks on my paper (Alayna). We hope that you learned something new!


Student working with Dash


Student working with Dash


Student working with Dash


Dash robot


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