Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. Hoekstra's Class

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Ramiah, Britney and Trenton explain how Mrs. Hoekstra's class used Book Creator to publish their writing.

Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. Hoekstra's Class

Written By:  Ramiah, Britney, Trenton

Typed By: Mrs. Gauthier


Book Creator

In Mrs. Hoekstra's class, we wrote "How To" stories and then we put them into Book Creator to make them look fancy. We all wrote different "How To" stories. Some stories were about how to wash your hands, how to ride your bike, how to ride your scooter, how to put on a helmet, how to put on clothes, how to cut with scissors safe, how to make a friend, how to be a good friend, how to sit on a chair correctly, how to ride the bus, and how to color.

We are going to teach you how to use Book Creator so you can make your stories look cool, too!



Step One: Write your story

Step Two: Get the Book Creator App

Step Three: Open the app and click on the 'New Book" sign to start a book. You can pick a landscape, square or portrait book. We picked Landscape.

Step Four: Click the plus sign on the top of the page and you can pick from Photos, Camera, Pen, Text, or Microphone. We want you to click on "Camera" and take a picture of your writing. If it is not good you can retake it. If you like it, click "Use Photo."

Step Five: You can move the dots in the corner of the picture to make the picture of your writing bigger or smaller. 

Step Six: Press the "i" on the top of the page and click on "Page." It will give you background options and you just need to click on the one you like to change the background of your book. There are a lot of pretty options and even a Star Wars looking background.

Step Seven: Click the right arrow to add a new page.

Step Eight: Take a picture of the next page of your writing.

Step Nine: Click the plus sign and click on the thing that looks like a microphone and says,  "add sound." Press the red circle to start the recording. When you are done recording press the red square. Then click, "yes" if you are done. 

Step Ten: You keep adding pages until you are done with your whole book.



When we were done, we put our book on SeeSaw so our teacher could see it. Book Creator is the best app ever! You can do a lot of fun stuff and make your book look really cool. The End.

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