Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. Kohnhorst's Class

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Monroe, Etta, and Cayson share the different types of books they love to read in Mrs. Kohnhorst's class.

We LOVE to Read

Written By: Monroe, Etta, and Cayson

Typed By: Mrs. Gauthier

In Mrs. Kohnhorst's class, we do lots of reading! We love to read different kinds of things. Some people in our class love fiction. Fiction books are books that are not real. Some kids love fiction books because they are silly. Other kids love nonfiction books. They are books that can teach you stuff. For example, maybe they can teach you about animals. Finally, some kids love poetry the best. Poetry is kind of like songs and you can sing the words.

All of the students in our class picked their favorite type of book. We made a chart and everyone signed their name on their favorite type of book, even Mrs. Kohnhorst! She picked fiction. Three people picked fiction books. Nine people picked nonfiction books. Seven people picked poetry books. So, that means most kids like nonfiction! We hope you LOVE to read, too!


Monroe shares why fiction books are her favorite. 

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Cayson shares why he loves nonfiction books.

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Etta shares why she loves poetry.

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