Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. VanDenPlas

Student writers

Doug, Lleyton, Gloria and Violet teach fun facts about the Dash robots.

Written by: Doug, Lleyton, Gloria, Violet

Our class (Mrs. VandDenPlas) worked with Mrs. Wick and the Dash robots.  Maybe you don't know what the Dash robot is, so we will teach you fun facts about the Dash robot.


  • The Dash can make different noises when it starts up. (Violet)
  • The Dash go different speeds. (Doug)
  • The Dash can slow down. (Lleyton)
  • The Dash can talk with different animal sounds, like a dog, elephant or cow. (Gloria)
  • The Dash can make firetruck sounds, horn sounds, squealing tire sounds, and vroom vroom sounds. (Doug, Lleyton, Gloria, Violet)
  • The Dash can spin in circles. (Lleyton)
  • The Dash has a heart that lights up when you turn it on (Violet).
  • The Dash will only turn on if the eye is looking forward. (Violet and Lleyton)
  • The Dash can move its whole head from side to side. (Doug)
  • The Dash's eye can change from a darker white to a lighter white. (Violet)
  • The Dash's heart can change different colors like red, blue, green, purple, yellow, orange and pink. (Gloria)
  • The Dash can do work for you like push and pull blocks. (Violet)



We are going to see if you were paying attention to our Dash robot Fun Facts. 

See if you can do this test.



1. True or False: The Dash's heart can turn yellow. (Violet)

2. True or False: The Dash robot can do cartwheels. (Gloria)

3. True or False: The Dash robot makes a cow sound. Moooo! (Lleyton)

4. True or False: The Dash robot can blink his eye. (Doug)


Answer Key:

1. True

2. False

3. True

4. False


Good job if you passed our test!

Class of students


Students playing with Dash


Students working with Dash