Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. VanDenPlas's Class

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Knox, Kinsley and August share details they learned about American Symbols in Mrs. VanDenPlas's kindergarten class.

Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. VanDenPlas's Class

Written by: Knox, Kinsley and August


American Symbols

In Mrs. VandDenPlas's class, we learned about some American Symbols.

One symbol we learned about was the American Eagle. We colored the eagle's feathers brown, the eagle's head white, the eagle's beak yellow, and the eagle's feet orange. We learned that the American Eagle is special because it is a symbol for us and is something that we care about. It is important to us. Sometimes the eagle can get sick. When a bug gets a disease, then a fish eats the bug and the fish gets the disease. Then when an eagle eats the fish with the disease it can get really sick and die. We don't want this to happen to our American Eagle.

Another symbol we learned about was the American Flag. The American Flag should not touch the ground because it hurts our state and it is disrespectful. If the flag is up at night, it always has to have a light on it. When the flag is in the middle of the pole it means that someone important person died. We colored the flag with red, white, and blue crayons. The stripes were red and white. The part around the stars was blue. We did not color the stars so they could be white. 

We also learned about the Statue of Liberty. This is special because it was a gift from England to our country in 1885. It is on an island by New York. We colored the Statue of Liberty green. It was supposed to be gray but the yucky weather turned it green.

Another symbol we learned about was the Liberty Bell. It has a big crack in it from ringing it on the president's birthday. We colored the Liberty Bell with a copper brown crayon. 

One final symbol we learned about was Mount Rushmore. It has four presidents on it. Their names are Abraham Lincoln, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Theodore Roosevelt. The builders had to use a lot of rock for their faces. Mount Rushmore is special because it represents freedom. We colored Mount Rushmore with a gray crayon.

In the end, we feel amazing about our American Symbols!

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