Kindergarten Spotlight: Mrs. Davidson's (formerly Ms. Posvic) Class

student writers

Paisley, Ben and Norah explain how Ms. Posvic's class helped with Meals on Wheels.

Written by: Paisley, Ben & Norah

Typed by: Mrs. Gauthier


Meals on Wheels

Do you know what Meals on Wheels is? It is a program that helps people get food. There are some people that don't have food. Other people deliver food to them. They deliver them in a truck or something with wheels. The food comes in a paper bag. We watched a video about Meals on Wheels and we learned more about it. It is the 50th year anniversary for Meals on Wheels.

Ms. Posvic wanted to make the food bags special so we colored them. We used markers, crayons and colored pencils. I (Paisley) colored a big, giant heart on one side and then on the other side I drew the sun, the grass, and the sky. I (Norah) made a rainbow with pink, red, green and teal on the front and on the back I put a red scorpion tail. I (Ben) made a red bird on one side and on the other side I made a black and red rocket ship. 

We have 19 students in our class and we each colored two bags. So we colored 38 bags! We feel happy that we did this because we want people to have food. We hope they smiled when they saw our drawings. Maybe you can help too. You could sign up to help with Meals on Wheels!

Class of students


Student decorating bags


students decorating bags


students decorating bags


students decorating bags