Veterans Day


Students participated in many activities to honor veterans on Veterans Day.

Students at Meadowbrook participated in many different activities to honor veterans. They produced videos, wrote speeches, and created many cards. Way to go, Bulldogs!


Some students created a video to show their appreciation for veterans. The video was shared with the veterans at the assisted living home.

Veteran Video


In addition to creating cards and videos, some students in Mrs. Geiser's class also wrote a speech.  Multiple students took turns reading their portion of the speech during the all school announcements on Veterans Day. The speech read:

Thank all the veterans you know. We very much appreciate all who served and work together to protect us. It can feel lonely to be away from the family. Let’s hope our active military are with family soon! This Veterans Day, maybe call family that are veterans and thank them. They risked their life to save ours. It’s also important to remember all the veterans that passed away and we hope they are in a good place.

Did you know that Veterans Include all of the different branches; Army, Marines, Air Force, Navy, Coastguard, and Army Reserve? They are hero’s. They fought for our freedom and our rights. We are alive because of you and we are honored that you get to see your football teams play.

Thank you veterans!

Student writers

Students reading their Veteran's Speech in the office 


Students created hundreds of cards and artwork for Veteran's in assisted living. We had an entire box full of cards of gratitude. We were happy to help put a smile on the veterans' faces!

Veteran Holding Card
Veteran Holding Card
Veteran Holding Card
Veteran Holding Card
Veterans Day Cards

Photos courtesy of Angel's Touch Assisted Living